July 12th, 2022 – 1,385

20,001 words. Yes I know, I could have just deleted a single word and that would get it to a really neat even number, but that is such a pointless task to do and goes against the spirit of editing. You should edit a work, even if it’s minor tweaks, to improve the quality. Word count on that minute scale is not going to cause a meaningful improvement unless you’re hiding secret messages in the number, but who does that, right? Also, while I could go delete a word, today has been so busy I just haven’t had time. At least it’s a pre-5pm target.

Right now I have one singular goal: 8 hours of sleep. If I can just get that, then I will have a chance at recouping the energy levels this heat wave is costing me, as well as mitigate some of the pain. I always hated temperature extremes, but now I know what to look for I’m noticing my joints are oh so much worse in the heat. It’s funny because I thought it would just be extreme cold that did that.