July 11th, 2022 – 1,384

One step closer. I feel wretched today because extreme heat makes all the EDS symptoms worse. And it makes my feet swell, which I gotta say, makes walking feel, unpleasant, like water balloons on the end of your legs. I don’t even know if that’s an EDS thing or just a ‘body is bad at bodying’ thing but yeah, I probably need to take things a little easier, and I am going to do so by getting a lift to and from work for a few days, to be safe. But today was emotionally exhausting too, because I made a big submission of five pieces of evidence today. One from me, one from mum, one from my doctor, and two from two people I can’t talk about or I will be giving away what Project4 is. But, if this is successful, not only can I risk giving it away, I will actually be able to say what it is. Yes my dear imaginary readers, you can cease living in, imaginary suspense. God I wish the suspense was imaginary, because despite this being the final step it very much is a binary ‘PASS’ or ‘FAIL’ scenario.

The only pass I will be doing tonight though is out, as I am shattered. Almost there. And TEL is on the cusp of 19k so it might be at 20 by this time tomorrow. Man writing is a breeze when you actually enjoy the story and it’s not depressing dystopian guff.