July 10th, 2022 – 1,383

I think Pokémon is doing some wonders for my mental health. The nice thing about the DS is it is super light, I can hold it at any angle, I can use it lying down and it’s easy to keep charged. Also 2D games require less precise movement than 3D ones. I do still adore my Switch – and fully intend to pick up Legends Arceus given Arceus is my second favourite legendary after Lugia – but for me, Gen IV was when the graphics were in my absolute favourite sweet spot. Yes they got better afterwards, but I just really like that ‘slight popping’ 2D. It’s not even 2.5D, just a little bit of layering and just, mwah. Anyway you don’t come here to hear me ramble about Pokémon – even if it’s all I seem to do these days – so let’s talk writing.

TEL is the other obvious boost to my mental health. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise from my last few entries that target started slipping to later in the day, but unlike with HOR, HOF and NHO, I enjoy writing this one enough that it only took resting up to get back to pre-5pm target. While I’m glad I ploughed through the trilogy so I could get the full series to first drafts, that was done to test a bunch of stuff, and one huge thing I learned is not to do that. If I am miserable writing a story, I need to consider if I should be writing it full stop. I don’t even know if that trilogy would have made the cut were it not one I’d been planning for 8 or so years during my ‘struggle to write anything’ phase. I hope I can whip them into shape, but I have to apply this logic to editing them too. It might even be I condense them into a single book and just cut all the stuff I’m not happy with. I doubt it, but I should consider that if editing is as much of a pain as writing them was.

And now back to Pokemon. EV training my new shiny Poliwhirl into a sweeping Politoed. It has the wrong nature and ability, but I think I can still make it work. Also ngl this is only making me want a DS capture card even more…