July 8th, 2022 – 1,381

I spent almost all day just playing Pokémon and that was nice. More of that please. I think that I need to let the entire weekend be this and I’ll be A-OK. Or I hope so anyway. I got the Pikachu-Coloured Pichi and Spiky Eared Pichu so I’m happy. Going after Lugia, my favourite legendary Pokémon, and I’m just feeling that childlike contentment you know? More of that. Less stress, less high stakes, just chill.

So an interesting trend: I’ve gone back to making minor edits at most, but I’m writing over 1,200 on average a day of TEL, and I think that’s ok? I don’t know if I like the way it implies I consider 1,200 the benchmark as, well that’s moving the goalposts, and there’s no need to do that. But, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I’m just having fun writing it, and writing excess because I’m having fun is like, the dream state to be in. So rather than a concern, I think this is a sign I’m getting to a happy place at last.

More of that.