Jun2 29th, 2022 – 1,372

Woof I am tired. This week hasn’t been particularly stressful, and in fact I think it’s dislodged a few stuck issues I’ve had at work with a few lingering tasks, but my energy levels are crashing into a large immovable brick wall of nope. I don’t even know if that makes sense. My brain is kind of fried right now and I need to go sleep, which is not helped by how late it keeps being by the time I’ve done everything I need to each night. The irony is my writing isn’t holding me up, my leisure time is. I keep getting lost in Pokémon and then realising ‘oops, it’s gone 10pm’, and cramming chores. That needs to stop; it’s the rubber band effect from me being so tense of late.

I keep writing well in excess of 1K for TEL, by 250 words today for example. Yes, the start of a new project and one I’ve been excited about explains that, but given my fatigue levels it also points to a truth Imma hold to for now: I don’t suit dystopia. I think I can make the Horizon trilogy into great books, but in terms of where I shine, ultra-grim is not my comfort zone. TUS works for me because it’s a contrast, that even though one character has it super grim, they can still draw comfort from the other’s world. That wasn’t possible in the Horizon books. Maybe I need to find a way to make it possible in the rewrites. Hm.