June 27th, 2022 – 1,370

And now, I have officially got all 14 drafts. Ok so one of them is only 1,320 words long at present but it exists, and it’s a strong start I feel. I got really into it too hence the extra 300 words. My goal is to finish this draft by 4Y1K, which is in 92 days away. That is more than enough time, and it’s all for TEL now TUS is done. Taking a handful of days to cement TUS’s draft was a great move in hindsight, though I suppose I won’t truly know if I left enough time until September 27th.

I also wrote right after work at 17:20, so I’m just blogging late as I left work late and went onto volunteering. That it’s gone 11pm and I’m posting this isn’t fantastic, but I should still get an ok night’s sleep. I do need to make that more of a priority but I have no regrets playing Pokémon for a few hours. My HGSS Johto Dex is up to 71 now after I spent several days grinding for a Tauros. It’s almost like I’ve found having pointless side projects is a major boon to wellbeing.