June 26th, 2022 – 1,369

And with that, we have 13 finished first drafts. I have a full view of the overarching story I wanted to tell going into book 14, and with that, I have a better idea of where and how I need to edit those stories. Continuity alone isn’t going to cut it of course, as I need to do some serious clean up work on the novels, and make them engaging, cut the boring bits, make the prose flow and do the painstaking work of making them give you those little spine tingles with every twist and turn. And then, maybe, maybe I’ll post them all somewhere. I don’t know. Guess we will, again, have to see on that.

Still a bit of a mix of emotions, and in part that’s because Project4 moves into a dicey phase this week, or I intend to move it there. This could be the point I put the whole of my life into total disarray, and I don’t know what to expect from it. It’s also the penultimate step – assuming that what I am running in tandem goes as planned – towards me at last being able to reveal just what the heck I’ve been dedicating hundreds of hours planning and work to across this year, even as I wrestle with some of the most existential difficulties and captivating ventures of my life alongside. Even not knowing what the big one is, I am sure you can imagine how anxious I feel about life in general.

Here’s hoping I sleep at least.