June 24th, 2022 – 1,367

Late night post but I actually wrote several hours ago. I just ended up going to the shop after work and almost forgot to blog. Oops. No harm done, except for having to do this in the awful WordPress app. I used to love it before but now the text boxes are painfully glitchy and hide what you’re typing half the time. But eh still works.

TUS is 2K from a full first draft, meaning I’m about to finish two novel drafts in the space of a week. Neat. But it’s actually a third novel I’m dwelling on right now. The Supreme Court is a fairly major component of that book and I just don’t feel it’s appropriate not to either write a disclaimer or amend it in the face of the decisions this week. It needs more thought, but it probably wouldn’t shock you to know I’m angry about the regressive rulings.

In the novel itself, I actually touch on the case of Carrie Buck, which Taft presided over, and it’s a harrowing part of American history. I just need to expand on that and emphasise that the court’s power can be used to set society back. To be clear, the novel doesn’t lionize Taft or the Court, but still. One to think on. And there’s enough on my mind as it is.