June 14th, 2022 – 1,357

I actually hit target several hours ago before I left work, but I’m only updating this now because I had a long meeting after work for the youth group I volunteer with. Also, what I wrote at work was a little unconventional, as it was actually a thousand words of TUS. There was an entirely missing chapter, and now a third of it is in place, a huge step forward from not knowing what to include there. And then walking home and before the meeting, I wrote a thousand words of NHO. A 2K day is a rare thing for me, precisely because I work to keep it that way. My feeling out of it today contributed to me getting carried away on TUS, but as long as I don’t overdo things by doing this too much I can avoid getting run down. But hooray for TUS being one step closer to complete.

If only I could be as rosy about today’s Wordle. There was a time I could brush off a 5/6 but man, I hate when you get stuck with only greens and greys. Still, if that’s my one complaint tonight, I must be doing ok.

It’s not, I’m exhausted…