Jun 13th, 2022 – 1,356

OK, I will take this. Pre-5pm target on a Monday is about the best possible result for the start of a week, not to mention on top of what wasn’t exactly a quiet work day either. I just finished the third to last chapter of NHO, or 4th if you include the Epilogue, which I guess I kinda should, but I also suspect there’s a good chance I’ll end up racing through that. Based on my current timeline, I would say that Sunday looks like it’ll be the day I reach the end of chapter 27, so Sunday may be a 3K day, or if there’s no sprint, I should have this book done on Tuesday, one week tomorrow. Thank. God.

I guess even though I’m not done, I can do the preliminary post-mortem now, and the most obvious point early on – that a trilogy all in one go is a bad idea – is, not feeling like it was the actual problem anymore. Ok so it still feels like a problem, but I think the real issue is, I never gave the Horizon trilogy much thought before going in. Now that might sound like an easy fix, clearly I feel better if I plan more. I don’t dispute that, but I don’t think that’s a good reason to do more planning on its own. I found a lot of plot ideas and details only came out because I was free-forming the story, and I’m going to say something now that will sound dumb after nine months of whining: I think this is the better way for me to write. An uncomfortable first draft means I’m much less happy with the book, there’s too many ideas, and too much going on. Perfect.

The epiphany hit me today. I mean, what better motivation could I have to go back and fix it? I’m doing the TUS rewrite still, and yes that’s going much better now, but it’s a lot less fun adding stuff than gutting and moulding it. I’m gonna call this now and perhaps look dumb in hindsight, but I bet at the end of the series, TEL for catharsis aside, post-edit the Horizon trilogy and TWR are going to be my favourite books out of the lot. No I’m not kidding, think about it: they are going to have to work for the endorphin rush the other books give me. I guess we’ll see, but either because it’s just over a week from over or my optimism is up, I’ve gotta say I feel much better now about this trilogy.

Call it delirium.