June 1st, 2022 – 1,344

That’s June starting strong. I hit target before 6pm, I got everything but the blog done before therapy, I had a productive session, and I will sleep on time tonight. That I call a big success. Now yes, explosive single big successes are, well a teeny bit problematic, as I do have to be sustainable, and it takes a different type of energy to do target at a good time every day than to wrench it back to one on a single day. Still, it’s an achievement, I’m proud of it, and for my third(?) day in a row I’ve done a substantial edit. That’s a nice trend that may or may not stick, but for now I’ll settle for TUS rocketing a thousand words in a handful of days.

And for the rest of today? I dunno really, eat and chill I think. I do wanna do some household upkeep, but that’s better done on morning energy, and seeing as I might finally get a morning I think I’ll see how I’m feeling on Thursday. After all when has a Thursday ever been a bad day for me? Hah. Hahhhhhhhhh. Uggggggggh I will be cross if I sleep until 3pm again. Saying that my dream last night was super weird but really fun so like, I kinda chose to run it to the end. Even if that happens again though I will get up early if I can force myself to. Routine is too valuable not to. Also, coffee, it’s no coincidence the day I bothered to make one, I wrote earlier. It might be a tangential thing, but it is linked.