May 24th, 2022 – 1,336

A little bit more on track today, I wrote and did all my tasks for 1K by 5pm, and started this post just before 5 so it’ll go out right after. It’s a bit grim how tired I am but I didn’t sleep too good last night. As it was, for some reason I still managed to get my act together so I’ll take it, but I need to force an early night tonight or Imma feel that real bad by Thursday. Speaking of ‘real bad’, NHO trundles on. OK, that is a bit harsh, but I think I’ve learned my lesson loud and clear: break up big projects. That absolutely includes trilogies. The ‘big project’ for me is anything above a novel, which I think I have down good as far as pacing goes.

The one issue that raises however is I would like to do things like webnovels or intense NaNoWriMo challenges in the future, the latter if I were to ever get an audience. That’s all well and good, but for length or intensity reasons do those count as ‘big projects’? Will they burn me out like this has me? Or, am I blaming NHO when I know damn well Project4 is what’s burning me out? And am I ever going to tell you what Project4 is?

Yes, but later.