May 22nd, 2022 – 1,334

Another nothing day, but I feel a teensy bit better about this one. I wrote a touch earlier, but it was more that I spent it relaxing, and think I found the exact thing I like doing. I like to relax by doing activities where I follow instructions. It hit me today when I was playing Minecraft, and I found in the mod menu a baking sim ‘baked’ in. I pulled up the advancements tree, and the idea in that moment that I could make it my goal to complete it just, struck me in the face, as like the perfect way I want to play right now. Then with my mind set on that, I deflated at the thought I needed to design a nice looking bakery. But, then I just, looked up a build tutorial. Yeah, it’s not my original work, and yeah, I won’t learn as fast doing that, but maybe I’m not playing for that. It’s just like Lego: I like following step by step things and enjoying the result. I had it yesterday building a Blaze farm, and I just, feel so relaxed.

It’s too bad then that I feel for all that rest, I’m still a teensy bit too burned out to write at my best. I have managed to work in a really cool little detail which I’ve wanted to do more of in the series, namely I realised a character I’d introduced in the previous chapter worked as a trans character and just ran with it, so little stuff like that makes me enjoy writing more. But the quality, yeah it ain’t there right now. Needs to sit in a drawer for a long time before it is I fear.