May 18th, 2022 – 1,330

I think I have become a teeny bit obsessive about hitting target on the TeenyPC. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing on it, because it’s both very zen and incredibly silly, but I don’t need to. Sometimes, it’s nice to use a different PC, and a different keyboard too. I use an Azio Retro Classic at the Million Desk because it fits the aesthetic and I just adore the look and feel of it; the blue switches are really odd, but they give it a typewritery feel, and they’re so loud and obnoxious I adore them. And sometimes it’s nice to jump from a four inch 4:3 screen to a thirty-two inch ultrawide 21:9. Whatever boats your float amirite?

I think I finally have an idea how I will manage 1K once I get to the end of the STO series. Basically, I will turn ‘main story’ into ‘1K of story’, so I can hit target with other stuff, and likely will if I go ahead with Stony-Faced, but I should just make sure I keep the storytelling skills active. That’s also important as Project4 if successful will have a lot of writing involved and I feel if you haven’t figured out what Project4 is with all these clues then it’s on you at this point. Maybe. But suffice to say, that solution feels for the best, as maybe I wanna just write some goofy stuff for a while, take a break from novels and write some trashy fanfiction or the like, because that’s fun and this is meant to be about fun. I’m not saying the STO series hasn’t been fun – WAN wasn’t fun but, like if it was then Jesus Christ that would be concerning – but I need reflection time. And hey, maybe I’ll find a new calling in doing so, a new thing to write, or I’ll come back refreshed and actually write A Planet Named George. Hey, remember when I said I might do that after WHT, three years ago...?

I used a lot of italics today.