May 17th, 2022 – 1,329

“Stony-Faced: A History of Statues and What We Make of Them

That is a much better title. Came to me when I was walking into the college today and I knew it was meant to be. I do like my multiple meaning titles a lot, and I also hit target today by writing the book’s outline in my downtime at work. That should tell you that I am hyped for it, and how much I am growing disillusioned with NHO. Now, yes, that’s not uncommon when I write a first draft. It’s almost as if trying to pull a book out of your brain is the literary equivalent of a spinal tap. Visceral and over the top as that comparison is – and a little insensitive to people who have actually had to endure that so apologies there – it is at least true to say the grind has led me to resent just about every thing I’ve ever written. I will surely come to resent SF in time too.

That said, I do feel that the Horizon series is my most flawed work, and I think that speaks to a few factors. I saw some fantastic writing advice the other day about writing a whole scene from each character’s perspective, I assume in first person, to learn a little more about how that person thinks and functions, and how they tick. I think when I finish the series, I need to do a bunch of these before the rewrite. I even have the vessel by which to do it, a little concept I came up with thanks to my xirlfriend months ago. But for now, it’s more important to get to the end of the project.

…So why did I focus on writing a totally unrelated thing today? Well for context, I will write NHO later, but that only emboldens the question. It’s because I couldn’t psyche myself up to. It didn’t help there were IT issues here all day, but I need to go home, relax, and then do it before bed. By letting myself hit target with something else, I throw myself a bone on the workload front, as maintaining two journals, a blog, a loose editing schedule and, you know, a full time job is a lot of effort. Not like, insurmountable and within the bounds of most people – heck I do it – but being kind to myself is sort of a new unwritten rule.