May 12th, 2022 – 1,324

Today went much better than yesterday. I am, not sure why yesterday went quite as wrong as it did, but I have a sneaking feeling I’ve not been pacing myself properly. It’s funny, because I’m the 1K guy, my whole aesthetic is pacing myself, but here I am, burning out because I’m trying to hold too many apples. And you know what’s funny? And by funny I mean INFURIATING. I know how to fix this, and I’ve known for years. It’s called the Pomodoro method and I seem to be allergic to trying it. I do not get it, why is it that the idea of working for 25 minutes and taking a 5 minute break breaks me? It’s so simple, and it’s better than my ‘work 5 hours at full pace, 1 at half and then turn into a vegetable until morning unless I burn out and turn into one longer. Bleh.

I am currently on the ‘NHO is the worst thing I’ve ever written from a quality perspective and I should be ashamed’ side of the mental tennis court. It’ll rally back to ‘NHO is fine and I’ll fix it in the rewrite’s side soon enough. But I did at least write on my break, and now I can relax for the evening, so to be honest Imma call that a win.

Also the Principal/CEO of the college complimented the TeenyPC today, so that was cool.