May 7th, 2022, 1,319

Took the TeenyPC out for a walk today, and boy it is nice to just go out and do my writing on the go. I have found things like WordPress do not play so nice with the poor lil Pi’s capabilities, so I am writing this into a note doc and then uploading it afterwards. It’s so nice to write on this tiny screen, and I think I have figured out a few reasons why. First, while you’d think this would cause eye strain it honestly hasn’t. In fact, I find it a little easier to work on this screen because it makes it a lot easier to focus on just the text, and not the myriad of other things that would be fighting it for screen real estate otherwise. That could be replicated on desktop and I probably should. Another advantage is it’s more effort to do non-writing stuff on this machine, which takes away the sense of distraction.

But you know what the main thing is? It feels like a typewriter used to for me. I had an Alphasmart back in the day, which was a super cut back word processor, with a keyboard and small screen at the top. You could save only a small handful of docs on it at a time, and it had if anything a less ergonomic screen than this. And I adored that old thing. Heck if I can I’d love to get another one one day. The nostalgia is off the charts, and that gives me a comfort that makes writing as a whole a lot more pleasant. Being able to go out too, and seeing people’s reactions to the little machine is also such a nice touch. Plus, I gotta say this again, the Vortex Core 40 is such a lovely typing experience. Cannot be beat for me.

Sorry about how out of it my entry yesterday was. But man, did I need that nice long sleep that came right after.