May 5th, 2022 – 1,317

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand back to post-11pm blogging. Today was a rough one, my mood started in the gutter, and loading up on junk food didn’t help much. There wasn’t a ton left to do in my queue, and pacing that out just made me feel lethargic. Sods law I thought of a bunch of things I could be doing at like 6pm, but at least that’ll make tomorrow better. Assuming I don’t go in zombified from no sleep that is. NHO is still chugging along, slowly but surely. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to if I want to keep my ‘main story every day’ streak going once I finish the series. It’s strange to think that this is the second to last book. Heck, in about 6 or so months, I might have the whole thing done. Or not. Hard to say. I think, I will break the chain if only to give myself a quiet reward. I’ll write some short stories for target maybe.

Could be that I’m just burned out in general, but I do think that writing this trilogy back to back was ill-advised. I’ve had some opportunity for distance to think of new ideas, but only distance from the arcs; I need distance from the setting before I think I’ll come up with much broader useful change to implement, stuff to make it into a really great sub-series. Oh and on the subject of projects, you can click on the TeenyPC tab up ^ there, and see my write up of the project. Is looking good.