May 2nd, 2022 – 1,314

Took a very long day today both before and after target. I actually hit target at like 3pm, but I’ve been doing some housekeeping before and after and the flat is looking so slick right now. I bought myself some Minecraft Lego as a reward for when I finished, but I probably won’t have time to touch it until Wednesday. But the real reward is a clean and tidy environment to exist in, and it’s amazing what a mental lift that is. End of last week hit me like a truck and I am just about lifting my mood back to stable. And now I’m starting to feel less overwhelmed, I am appreciating the teeny pc – I prefer that name to Windows 9pi at this point. – a heck of a lot more. It just makes me pretty darn happy.

I think I do need to ring-fence my evenings a little more though, as I did notice I burned out quite fast when it came to the evening tasks I had these last few days. I need to start assigning things Spoons values and being smarter about what I do and when. Speaking of, it’s about to turn 10pm so I need to go crash in bed. But I am going to do one thing first, and try to cement this as a habit: updating the bullet journal again. See, I did it earlier in the day, and I normally let myself with getting it up to date to the current day each day, but it will make tomorrow a lot easier if I’ve got it up too date. So wish e luck.

Man I am so glad I don’t release my novels as I write them. Today’s words of NHO are decent but by god this novel/trilogy is trash…