April 28th, 2022 – 1,310

I think my Windows 9π is actually going to become one of my main computers. I put it on my desk at work today, and not only was it a very relaxing place to write target on my lunch break, but it also proved really useful as a place to just open LibreOffice and write my thoughts into over the day. Now, yes, you might be wondering why I wouldn’t use my bullet journal for that. It’s sitting on the other side of my desk, but, I think I prefer to write things in there that I want to hold onto, and on the 9π I can just ramble. It’s super soothing, which is funnily enough not surprising, because it’s exactly the same as Extra Ideas, the Google Docs I used to write for target before this blog started. I only ever did 57 of them, but they did help when I felt awful or drained. So maybe this is a clue I should let myself run these out for fun. I think it actually helped me be more productive at work too.

I’d call that a win.