April 25th, 2022 – 1,307

Ok, working from home for one day hasn’t killed me. I guess the question is, will two? Side question, is the fact I just tried to spell ‘guess’ as ‘quess’ and ‘will’ as ‘whill’ indicative that a portion of my brain has died? Trick question it did years ago. My last braincell is rotating around the existential dread of life like a coin in one of those cool as heck coin fast spinny things, you know where it goes on zoomies until it falls into the hole? Yeah, those are cool. I am also tired.

NHO is a mess, but what else is new. I am actually finding ways to make it more enjoyable, and I think one is that I have a bad habit of all conversations ending up 1:1. This trilogy is tailor made for group conversations, and I have hardly any. I should fix that. In editing. Right now slep.