April 13th, 2022 – 1,295

A perfect birthday. My energy levels dipped a bit in the middle, which was a shame as I hope my dad and step mum knew how grateful I was to spend time with them, but it was a magical day. See that’s the thing, even in 2020, with losing Tim the day before and losing my grip on the world, I still managed to have a magical day. I am very blessed that I almost never have anything short of a great birthday. And I even found what I wrote for 1K today to be some of my best work to date. I think in doing so I found the heart of this new novel, and maybe a clue on how to make the last one better. Might need me to cut a character and meld them with another, but in either case, I will take it.

I got some lovely presents, including the Lego White House, a year of Audible, and a micro-break to a city of my choice with family. Also got some lovely long-sleeve t-shirts, which is the new look I am thinking I might transition to. I’m interested to see how I feel in that when I try it out. I got some books to help with Project4 – which probably gives the game away at this point but I refuse to confirm what that is until I can – and I even got an HDMI-to-DisplayPort adaptor, so finally I can have all my displays plugged in at once. That one is kinda huge, as it means my home entertainment system is pretty much seamless. I got to have a lovely breakfast, a nice cream tea for lunch and the Spice Garden in the evening, so kinda in food coma territory. And the film “Dave Made a Maze” is weird and I loved it.

Days like these, they are core memories, and I will always treasure them. And thanks to this blog, my bullet journal and my diary, I end up with a holistic account of them I can always look back on. I think it’s important to be overt in my gratitude for such things, in person and in writing. So now, Imma do a little wrap up on the bullet journal, and go rest, feeling happy and content.