April 12th, 2022 – 1,294

Well, I had hoped to finish TUS’s rewrite by my birthday, and now with 15 minutes to go, I’ve been stuck on chapter 11 for over a fortnight. See that’s the thing with 1K: I can always churn out new content no problem. But editing? Actually making it good? That can be seamless, or it can grind you to a halt. Part of me wants to leapfrog chapter 11, but another accepts it’s not the chapter’s fault. I’ve been on such low battery for so long, I fell out of the editing habit again. That’s ok. It took a decade to cement a daily writing habit, and while yes I technically have a daily editing habit now too, I imagine finding the techniques to make that slick will take time.

The plan for tomorrow is quite a busy day, so I am assuming this post will end up being late too, but maybe I’ll find a way to squeeze it in. But if it’s late, that’s fine. I am going to focus on enjoying my day. Unlike most people my age, I still get super excited for my birthdays, and still get that burst of excitement. And tomorrow is a big one. 30 years old. It’s strange to think 1K has gone on for over 10% of my entire life. It feels like it should be 1%, but the years do go faster as you get older. And you know what, I am pretty happy with where I am going into this milestone. I have a loving partner, a nice flat, hobbies that fulfil me, a plan for the future if Project4 comes together, and, I have 1K. That one element gave me the rest, but I also have my loving family, and my health. I have a lot to be thankful for, even as my hardest challenge lies on the horizon. It makes the Horizon series look tame. But I feel ready.