April 11th, 2022 – 1,293

Ok I’m starting to right the ship again. I got very run down at the end of term and my sleep went all over the place. That’s fine, it’s a holiday, I can do that if I really want to. But I didn’t really want to and don’t want it to remain like this, so here’s hoping I manage to get things back into sync again before the weekend, before Wednesday if I can. In the meantime, imma keep writing, playing Minecraft and just, recharging. NHO is not going great but I’m treating it as a break from good writing. This one I will fix in post.

And on a lighter note to end on today, I’ve now got it set up so I can write from bed but use my powerful desktop PC to do so over an ethernet connection, which I gotta say, is quite satisfying. Being able to remote in like this is gonna be very useful for Project4, should that pay off.