April 5th, 2022 – 1,287

MONKEY ISLAND IS BACK. OK, yes the internet has known about this for almost 24 hours now but like, I already blogged before I saw that trailer. I saw Ron Gilbert’s ‘April Fools’ post and smelled a rat, but I forgot he had actually said almost a decade ago that he would announce it on April Fools Day, so like, I should have been more of a Gilbertologist. Is that a word? It is now. But yes I am SO HYPED. I almost blogged again last night and debated blogging first thing today, but I held off so I could you know, somehow focus on work. I won’t lie, that was, hard to do. I got plenty done but I kept going to check if there were any new announcements. I will pretty much put buying any and all merch around this game I can get my hands on – I am still distraught I didn’t do that for the Tales tarot cards, not making that mistake again if I can help it.

I doubled back on NHO and wrote it a prologue, and now, I kinda feel a bit more optimistic about it as a story. We are approaching the end of the set up, and while I still think this trilogy is far too weak/un-fleshed out, but I’m starting to find purpose in it. It’s a start. And I’m going to be hopefully doing to this trilogy what I already have to TUS. Yes, that’s taking a very long time, but it is totally doable and I feel I’ve proven that now. So, I finally have something nice to take my mind off things, and a heck of a lovely birthday surprise. I just hope I get good news at the doctors tomorrow.