April 4th, 2022 – 1,286

Well I am getting things completed a lot faster today than I have for a little while, so that’s good. My general health, which took a dive after the news last week, is now in a much more stable place even if I am still fatigued. It’s weird, I’m now both more conscious of my fatigue, and less immediately worried about it now I have a good idea of the cause. It may not be a nice reason but at least it’s ‘benign’, technically. First step to finding out if that’s true is on Wednesday, so I need to make sure I book that off today, and hope I don’t come back in on Thursday more tired like I did the last time I had to take a Wednesday for medical reasons.

NHO is still coming out rough, but I think it’s a victim as much of the timing as it is of planning failures. I did want to do more planning on this one, but then the whole ‘surprise, you are probably disabled for life lol’ happened on the exact day I started writing it. Ok so yes, I already was disabled for life but it was only mentally up until that point. It’s been a dramatic week ok. Then again every week this year has been a dramatic week so I don’t know why I’m even surprised. I have gotten no significant editing done on TUS in a fortnight after a spree of whole chapter edits a day. Sure is a good thing I don’t care about views on my ScribbleHub, because I think uploading 10/11 days in a row and then nothing for two weeks tends to make the algorithm cross.