April 3rd, 2022 – 1,285

This weekend has, kind of been restful? Like, I’m still reeling from the medical implications of Wednesday, and I have a horrific day lined up for the morning of this Wednesday coming – which I still need to book off – but as far as my general stress levels go, this is manageable. NHO is not coming out especially better than HOF, and I am not all that surprised. I do hope TEL is a marked improvement, and kinda suspect it will be, but I will have to wait and see for that until July or so. I still find it neat that I’ve made this much progress in such a short space of time, and I can’t quite believe I’m on the penultimate book of the series, even if they all need a lot of work. Having a bunch of first drafts banked is a huge step forwards, just as I prepare to take a big ol’ step into the unknown.

But for now, none of that matters. I’m going to rest, and await whatever comes next.