March 28th, 2022 – 1,279

My time off seems to have worked. Of course I do need to make sure I get an early night so that I can climb back into my old routine, but with any luck I can revive my old-old routine and leave the house a bit earlier. Here’s hoping at least. I also believe I should finish HOF tomorrow, as I’ve written about half the epilogue. It’s such a disjointed mess, but at the same time it’s pretty standard for my first drafts to be eclectic messes. The interesting test will be if when I come back in a year’s time, it’s a salvageable mess. Right now, I don’t care. ‘What will be will be’ is the order of my life right now.

I’m doing ok. I avoided getting ill, even if I was A LOT more burned out than I realised. I think if I’d powered through to April 9th, I would have become very ill, and I would not have wanted that one bit. That’s not least because it’s my sister’s wedding that day, and I would like to be presentable and functional for that. I’m going to try and relax for a bit as I need to leave for my volunteering in an hour. Things are, slotting back into place. I just hope things stay stable.