March 23rd, 2022 – 1,274

I’m just about limping on today. Not literally, I don’t need a repeat of that, but I do need to go home for a short while and recharge, hence my five days of leave I have coming up at 5pm. My queue is, about as empty as I was gonna get it, which is to say nothing urgent, but still not quite as empty as I’d like. In a way that’s no bad thing: it shows I have a steady flow of useful tasks I perform for the college, and that I have a decent handle on things that the queue isn’t longer. But I am limping mentally, because by god, Project4 has left me a burned out wreck. And it’s barely even getting started. Heck if this succeeds, it’s not like in a few months this’ll all be wrapped up. If it fails it kinda will be, but success means years of toil ahead. Kinda makes you wonder why I’m even doing the damn project. Well, you’re not wondering, because you got sick of me being cryptic about what Project4 is months ago, and you are also in fact, imaginary. Sorry to break the latter to you if it is news.

I have found my groove with the ending of HOF. The last chapter and a half are looking pretty smooth sailing plot wise, which I guess goes to show I have the bookends of the, well book, sorted. It’s the mushy bits in the middle that are messy. Pages aren’t supposed to be mushy so, erm, that bodes ill. I guess if it was a romance story? To be fair every book I write is a romance story, it’s just rare that it’s cut and dry as one. What can I say I find the relations between people fascinating and it’s my comfort food, sue me. Actually don’t, the cost of living crisis and Project4 combine to mean I am very much broke for the next yes-years.