March 21st, 2022 – 1,272

I finally booked some leave. Yes, I did have some on the calendar already, but I needed to take a rest stop to get the house in order and to try and detox a bit of my stress away, and that’s all I’m going to focus on doing for a few days. The hope is between that and my birthday week booked off two weeks after, I should be able to get back to higher functioning. Nothing can be certain of course, and I have tried similar tactics only to find I get ill or random chance turns the time off into something twice as stressful, but I have to try, as I want to be back to full productivity again. I like doing my job well, and while I feel I still am at the moment, I would rather avoid a burnout slump if I can.

Speaking of slumps, HOF is now just nine words off of 87K, which I feel is 2K above the minimum for any of my novels these days. There’s still a chapter left in it after the current one, and an epilogue, so I’d guess there’s a week’s worth left to do, meaning by the Monday of my leave – I have Thursday through Monday booked, then Wednesday was already in there for a health checkup – so with luck, I’ll be back at my desk, refreshed, and free of this trainwreck of a novel for the time being. It will be based on my current editing pace about a year at minimum before I’m picking it up again, so plenty of time to try to passively rethink its convoluted structure and plot. At least TUS is looking good now, with 32K uploaded and pacing for at least an 85K novel. I just hope this time it’s a great novel. But, if it’s not, then I’ll just do it all again.