March 20th, 2022 – 1,271

Ok so today went wrong, but it’s fine, I think. Two reasons, which boil down to a) I got all my writing done in good time, and 2) I figured out the obvious mistake I made and I’ll correct it in future. The tl;dr on what went wrong is that I couldn’t get wifi in the bedroom, so ‘operation: work from bed’ proved a catastrophic failure. The obvious fix I only realised about five minutes ago while I journalled was I could have sat myself on the sofa and written there instead. Oops. Well, no matter, and I did manage to have a relaxed day, though I think I need to just book some leave after all for the end of this week before I burn out completely. Project4 man, for a doomed venture it’s sure as heck weighing on me. Maybe because it looks so doomed I don’t know.

I hit 90K words for the year so far, which means I’ve written 11K of main story content on top of 1,000 words a day. Not too shabby, even if I do hope I can squeak that up to 12K at the minimum before the month is over. What matters more, is that I am getting a lot more editing done than I used to. Like today for example, I got another 200 words added to TUS. Granted, still not enough I feel to upload the chapter just yet, but even so that’s a big step up from the tweaking 1-or-2 words I was doing as recently as a fortnight ago or so. I still am ok with a minor tweak counting, as some days I won’t have the spoons for more, but public accountability does seem to be helping, even if I am not uploading every day. And even if no one is reading it. I mean, I’m kinda used to no one reading what I post online. Hi there!