March 13th, 2022 – 1,264

Yesterday was, unfortunate. I finally found a way to make writing easier on the weekend, and now unless I drop about £200 on a Chromebook that’s lost to me again. But I’m done being beaten down by these setbacks. Life is full of setbacks, but what matters is how you respond. I’m not going to spend £200. I’m going to find a sustainable replacement to my old solution, and I am going to march on forwards. My laptop might have been fragile, but I’m not anymore. So, I’ll figure something out. I’ll write on the freaking Wii if that’s what it takes. Or I’ll find a way to make getting to my desk and focusing on writing easier. There will be a way. In fact, I think I have an idea.

Will be a week before I find out if it works, but I think the issue I have at my desk right now is the temptation to play games. Funnily enough when you have a florescent rainbow pink gaming PC beckoning to you, it is hard to resist diving into a game or ten. Unless that is, I set up a writing only profile on this thing. I have secureboot enabled – in case I ever do want to go to Windows 11 – so a Linux partition is probably not worth the headache, but I could do a virtual machine, or just have a separate profile with like zero permissions just for writing. I think I’ll set that up and see if it helps my focus. That way, just getting to my desk will hopefully prove enough. It’s meant to be the hub of 1K, so it only makes sense to use it as that.