March 11th, 2022 – 1,262

While I’m staying a bit late after a busy day, it’s hard to overstate how much I love being back in the office. Before the world ended I took this for granted, even resented it some days, but now, I feel order and comfort. Is that sad? Absolutely. I am disgusting but I know what I’m about, and what I am about is having structure. I’ve also done some major editing today in the downtime, cutting over 3,000 net words from TUS, and creating a detailed story beat/chapter plan to whip it into shape. The bad news is that I need to cut 3,000 more words, and then add an eye-watering 23,000 back in, but on the positive side, I have a plan, and it’s going to be a much better book for it. HOF might be a dumpster fire right now, but when the time comes, I’ll do the same with that book too, and will make it even better.

Having a plan is nice.