March 8th, 2022 – 1,259

I have managed to bank another pre-5pm target. Yes it’s not the triumphant 10:10am blog of yesterday, but it’s still a step forwards in the gradual recovery of my routine, and after a rough night’s sleep almost threw out my whole morning, Imma call that a success. Well, every 1K day is a success, but there’s a glow to pre-5pm target, not least that I can go home and play games with my friends without guilt. The thing is of course, Monday and Tuesday are what you might call the ‘easy’ days. I may not be a morning person, but I sure am an ‘early week’ person, which now I think about it kinda explains why the weekend isn’t a great time for me. Or I’m overthinking that. Regardless, I have data that shows Wednesday is traditionally rocky, Thursday is a mess, and Friday is a bit more random. Either I get a ton done, or I get my core work tasks done and just about claw through the day on 1% mental batteries.

This has to change. For my productivity, 1K and Project4 to succeed, I need to flatten the curve – a cursed phrase now thanks to 2020 – and that curve starts with a low on Sunday, and a low from Thursday through Saturday. In other words, while today is a step forward, it’s Wednesday that is the real problem. If I burn out, I go into Thursday a mess, and the day becomes a mess, and Friday is either the fix or the triumphant return. Really it’s not so much a ‘curve’ as a ‘squiggle’. As abstract as it is though, ‘flatten the squiggle’ sounds like some dystopian indicative against fun so Imma just say I need to get my act together on Wednesdays. And, well I don’t have a plan to do that so I guess it’s trial and error time. As much as I know the ‘Weekend Wednesday’ folks say that the only solution is to drag ‘Saturday’ to Wednesday and work on that first day of the weekend, I do not buy that this is the best way. The reason? I work better when I’m not taking unnecessary breaks. Pomodoro maybe? Worth trying that again I guess.

Incidentally, one Pomodoro is almost exactly how much time it takes to write target. So it should work on paper. I just find it awkward to take the breaks…