March 7th, 2022 – 1,258

When this blog started some 3 years and one month ago today, I posted at 10:10am most days I was in the office. That was because in that bygone era, I was writing my 1K and such before work or taking an early break to do so. That time was before my burnout with WHT, and my adjustment to main story content every day, and then of course the pandemic and all the seismic disruption that brought. I assumed that the old ‘blog by 10:10am’ ideal was a relic of the past, and one that while sad to see go, was never realistic in the long term. I made my peace.

Until today. Target, editing, journal, and yes even breakfast all done, and as I write this it is 10:09am. But I’m gonna wait the full 60 seconds to post this. It’s symbolic. And I hope, not the last time I will do this. I’m back.