March 3rd, 2022 – 1,254

Leaving the office late today, as I didn’t manage to write on my lunch break and I think, now I’m making it in more consistently, it’s time to do the things that my old routine benefitted from. One of those pillars was writing before I went home for the evening, even if it meant staying late. So, I did that. It kinda sucks that I’m leaving over half an hour late but, I like working in the office so it also doesn’t in a way. Also it’s nice to know when I do get home, I can now relax. With the tension I’ve been carrying around this week it’s something I am very much hoping I actually do this time.

At some point this month, with New Horizon likely to begin in April and possibly as early as the first, or even March 31st, I need to think about how to make the experience smoother than HOF. Making time to even think about that is proving, tricky, but in reality I know the main thing I can do already: a beat by beat plan. I have tried writing off the top of my head, and there are advantages to it that make a hybrid approach the best path for me, but I am not in a hybrid approach right now. I had a premise, some mental images and a couple of talking points I needed to hit, as well as continuity points. That sounds like a fair amount, but it didn’t end up being that way. A plan will not lock me in, I can deviate from it and change things up, but by god do I need one for my own wellbeing.

Not like I need to make things harder for myself than they already are. Looking at you Project4