February 28th, 2022 – 1,251

New kettle! So I moved to the new office last Wednesday, and it’s a lovely space: beautiful view from the window, team desks are all together now, bigger desk that’s a bit more structurally sound, and I had an excuse to have a clear out of my old draws. There was just one, teeny problem: the water cooler here does ‘cold’ and ‘room temperature’ water. Now, I’m not one to judge, some people like room temperature water. I’m not sure why or who raised them but they do, but, and here’s a hot take – get it? – cold water goes to room temperature when left out. You know what else does, and cannot otherwise be replicated on this device? Hot water

It’s fine, I just took a £45 hit to my bank account and bought a Breville VKJ142 HotCup, which I mean, I’d like to not have to do that on the same day as I take a £150 hit for the Fairphone, but I gotta say I can see why these things were out of stock everywhere at one point. This is a legit and fantastic kettle, that, doesn’t fit under our water filter…

IT’S FINE, I’ll just buy a jug, everything is, fine, just, fine.

Just, fine.

It’s fine, really.

(It actually is fine, I just had no idea how to end this post. Except by showing you the kettle, but I boxed myself into a smh corner so, here’s the kettle.)