February 27th, 2022 – 1,250

I think I finally figured out how to keep routine in my weekends: just write in bed. No seriously, I just keep my Ubuntu laptop by the bed, with all its limited capabilities to do much more than write and browse the web, and say to myself ‘yeah you can read a bunch of news articles if you want, but you can’t get up until you write’. And, yeah it kinda seems to work. I’ve done it a few times now without thinking, but today I made that conscious decision, and while yes this is a post-5pm target that has more to do with waking up at 3pm than anything else. And yes I know that sounds dramatic, but when your partner is an eight hour time difference away, needs must.

HOF is starting to take good shape, but I am seeing a fresh problem on the horizon*: I am not sure how the third act should go. I have some idea, but I haven’t given the actual structure of it all that much thought. I think in part that was because I found the second act far shakier than I thought I would, and focused all my energies on that. I also think, that this is the damning ‘I’m a planner’ evidence I needed. Yes, I like to just write and see where it goes, but having some of the paving stones laid out and a few even without cracks does go a long way. TWR and HOF also suffered from this, and I feel it shows. TWO, MAL and TBS did not. TBS was the least planned of those three and it still flowed with so much more ease. Now, are those books good? God no I haven’t edited them yet, but getting a first draft in the can is all I care about for now, and there’s no two ways about it: I find that easier with a plan.

Time to start making one I guess.

*yes that was intentional.