February 26th, 2022 – 1,249

I’m pretty sure that I’m just not allowed to have a healthy sleep schedule. I just, I went to bed and could not sleep. Been using that time to follow the events in Ukraine and just, marvelling at how tenuous peace really is. I’ve been poking people to say the book Prisoners of Geography is a great resource on this topic, with the first chapter focused on Russia’s existential crisis with Ukraine which, I mean at least it helps you understand their blinkers even if it doesn’t justify what they’re doing in the slightest. I just hope people are finding ways to stay safe. And I’m praying my government does more to help. This stuff, events like this are why a stronger Europe is better. Don’t usually like to get political here but, hard to bottle that sentiment up. Of course, in a depressing ironic twist, Putin might have done this even with Ukraine in NATO. If that happened, or Ukraine joins now, that’s a world war. MAD should dissuade it but listen to Putin’s rhetoric. I’m not sure he’s functioning right now.

Obviously I’m still writing and that’s still this blog’s focus, but I just needed to get my thoughts straight.