February 23rd, 2022 – 1,246

Yeah in case you didn’t pick up on it I was not exactly ok yesterday. Pretty sure that came across by the short length and the evasiveness, not to mention almost brushing off that it was Twosday. Like, no, I was super hyped about that, I am a dates nerd big time and that was super big for me. The day itself, absolutely awful. Well today was as busy but less intense. The Fairphone is working out really well and I also feel good about the new role the Pixel 3 is playing, not just being shelved.

I’ve managed to find a track at long last that syncs with the mood and feel I want HOF to have. Sybrid’s cover of Believer ft. Plexxaglass hits the nail on the head of dystopian cult of personality right where I wanted it, and it’s helping me write. Tomorrow, HOF hits 60K, so we’re in rapid approach of All is Lost. Ironically, I think I’ve finally found the story.