February 15th, 2022, – 1,238

I wish I could just bonk myself on the head with something hard and conk out for 8 hours a night. That’d be great. Ok sure, it’s not how any of that biology works, and even the idea of an eight hour night is a social construct but I am too tired to care at this point. Last night I got five hours, that’s way too little to get by on. And as for the whole needing to re-establish routine, it sure makes it hard when I wake up feeling that rough in the morning. Still trending in the direction I want to go, but even so I am pretty sure that the ground beneath me is shaky, more so if I don’t fix this.

Speaking of fixing things, 50,000 words of HOF and, a lot needs work. It might even be that I redo this one in the same way as TBS. Yes, HOR was also a bit rough in places, but HOF lost its rudder in some unfortunate places. That’s fine, I have time to do that, but I would like to improve my first draft quality going forwards if at all possible. With the way I write it might not be, as I do just churn out words with the idea I’ll fix the issues ‘later’. It takes the edge off of eleven ‘finished’ drafts for sure, but there’s no rush. I’ll get there. None of what I’m dealing with at the moment can’t be fixed. I just need to keep it together.