February 6th, 2022 – 1,229

Three years of daily blogging, and this place is still as disjointed, eclectic and unpredictable as ever. Just the way I like it. Tomorrow is the blog’s anniversary and as with most such writing anniversaries I am not planning on doing a thing to celebrate it. But it is nice to acknowledge the good that a daily blog post has done for me, now least in making the writing process a heck of a lot less lonely. My dear imaginary readers have come a long way with me, through my push to write main story content every day and not just 1K of something, to enduring the upheaval of many lockdowns, the tweaking of my writing process, the drive to the public and then recess back to privacy for now, along with cryptic hints of a second reversal to come. It’s been wild yo.

A lot of change to come over this year, and I have a feeling I am going to be unrecognisable by the 4 year milestone of this blog. But for now such change will hide behind cryptic project names and my ineffable need to tease a non existent audience about changes in my life nobody outside of me and the people close to me care about. Here’s to many more years of this tripe!

Oh and I wrote 1,150 words of HOF today. Not bad ones either. Thought I should mention that too, given you know, this is meant to be a writing blog…