January 23rd, 2022 – 1,215

Weird day today. I ended up drawing a line under a few commitments that were kinda left dangling from last year, some of which I finally got done, others I had to let people down and deal with their disappointment in me. Grim, but then it’s better to draw that line and move on, even if it stings a bit. I did some drawing practice which was a lot of fun, and I do seem to be getting ever so gradually better at this the more I work at it. Got a long way to go before I can turn it into a side hustle but I’m cautiously optimistic I can if I get good enough. Not like a huge earner or anything but I think by the end of the year, covering the buy in cost isn’t totally impossible, if I practice every day.

In other news, HOF is taking tentative steps into the B Story, which is going to be a bit of an ensemble ‘making new friends’ track, one I’m hoping will evolve into a nice memorable backbone for the book. I’ve gotta be honest, I still think most of the books I’ve written first drafts for over the last year and a bit have been, sub-optimal, but after the year I had in 2021 I will settle for drafts in any state emerging from that mess. Heck in the clean up of those loose ends today, it started to dawn on me how many bad commitments I took on at the absolute worst time in my life to do so. I need to avoid those this year.

Most important though, and relating to all of the above, I exercised my resolution for the year. Yeah others are gonna be disappointed in me, and I have to make up for that, but I choose to forgive myself for falling out of bounds for the last few months. It’s not a surprise that I did, and I will bounce back from it. It’s ok to mess up. I’ll do better.