January 21st, 2022 – 1,213

I made a big purchase today. I’ve been talking in therapy about wanting to do more art but finding getting out the supplies to be my bottleneck. Once I do I enjoy art quite a bit, but I want to do more. I’ve also been trying to think of a decent way to have a small extra screen on my desk for Discord while I’m in Back4Blood or the like. Well, today an idea popped into my head. A bit of research later and £175 down on where I was, and I’ve got a nice Huion graphics tablet on the way. The small size actually suits my needs much better than a large one, so pretty happy.

If I get good at digital art, I might actually have a crack at drawing my own book covers, and in the meantime it’s a nice lil hobby to take my mind to creative non-writing places. Been doing a bit more pixel art of late in that space, so here’s Kim in a sprite-art style.