January 19th, 2022 – 1,211

Starting to feel a little less burned out, and I think it’s helped that I’ve put Project4 on the back burner. You’ll have to trust that it’s quite the ordeal, whatever it is. Suffice to say, while I have a deadline coming up I can at least take a breather from the main source of stress, focus on work, focus on writing.

Speaking of writing, at the 20K mark I have a bit more feel for what HOF as a novel will be, albeit I do also feel I’ve got a vacuum problem in a lot of my stories. I need to take a step back pre-edit and nail down what I want both the main theme, and the main feel to be, as well as a lil project I’ve been eyeing post-STO that should help improve my characters. All gonna come together, but for now just getting a draft in the can goes a long way.

And this arrived today, so am happy.