January 16th, 2022 – 1,208

It’s funny how I just get distracted by picking up and just holding Day of the Tentacle’s box so much. I’ve taken to putting it on my desk when I need a mood boost, and it just makes me feel so, contented. Peter Chan’s cover art is so nice. I do also love the art of the Remastered cover, but sadly I don’t have anything with that o-

…Do you see why I love my partner so much now? What they’ve had commissioned for me here, is a hand painted version of the Remastered art. But not just any painting: this is painted on animation cels, in homage to DOTT’s legacy as drawing inspiration from Chuck Jones and cartoonists in that style. I am going to treasure this so much. And the best part, is this isn’t even the last DOTT themed gift I have on the way. But I’ll wait until that’s done before I share.

All in all, today has been nice and chill. I am a little wary that HOF is not doing that great at present, a little rambling in the last few entries. But knowing that gift is on the way, I cannot do anything but smile.