January 9th, 2022 – 1,201

Played some more Paper Mario today for my partner to watch. They found it nice, and I found it to be just the right level of intimate chill. See that’s the thing, I need more chill right now. I need to make more alone-chill too, and have been debating dropping some money on a few triple-A games, namely Cyperpunk 2077 and Forza 5, or Flight Simulator. I do kinda feel I am some form of stereotype given I have a 3080TI and a 5950X, and I mostly play Stardew Valley and Day of the Tentacle… I hope that doesn’t count as a humblebrag, I’m genuinely trying to shame myself for not playing more high-end games, as that was the whole point in getting Valkrie.

HOR is now 10K and, well I dunno man, I think my writing quality in the latter half of 2021 started to slump real bad. I can do better, but I’m often writing while either really tired, or really low. Often times I do it when I’m both. And as for editing, well, I am doing edits every day, but you’d be forgiven if asked to spot them without the aid of Google Docs ‘changes’ feature to spot them. I need to do better.