January 8th, 2022 – 1,200

Ayyyy it’s a 00 day. Double-0 days are always fun; Triple-0 days considerably less so based on a sample size of one. I wonder if I’ll live long enough for a Quad-0 day. Somehow I doubt I’ll see two. Weird to think how finite life is when you put it on a scale like that. I slept through most of today and then I spent most of the evening playing video games, but I did make a cool thing in the meantime.

Home-made Purple Tentacle USB stick from Day of the Tentacle

That has every single non-console version of Day of the Tentacle on it apart from the iOS files. I may try to track those down, but annoyingly there’s not many ‘legitimate’ ways to do so. Also it’d just be to have all the Remastered versions; I have every original one. So yeah, that’s neat.