January 6th, 2022 – 1,198

Treason’s Greetings! Nah don’t worry I’m not gonna go all political, just couldn’t resist. This week has been pretty darn awful all told, but I mean, eh. I’m just gonna do what I can tomorrow and then try to rest this weekend. On the plus side, I think the opening act of HOF is starting to take decent shape. There’s a central conflict I think I can make work, but I do also think I need to add a bit more thought into the location of this one, as it’s far more prominent than it was in book one.

My goal tomorrow is gonna be to write before 5pm, so I can just stop and rest. But I’m also gonna try and do some art. I was finishing up a present this evening – a pastel on canvas gift for my granny’s birthday – and it just was such a nice thing to work on. I’m really glad about how it came out, and I miss doing art more often. To be honest, I’ll settle for resting, but it would be nice to do more.