January 5th, 2022 – 1,197

I am amazed I haven’t typoed the title line as ‘2021’ yet. I think it might be a combination of ’22’ being easier to type than ’21’, especially with the third two at the start, and just how much I loathed 2021. In hindsight, it’s no contest, 2021 was far worse than 2020, because in 2020 I was so thrown off the deep end that I barely had time to process any of what happened. I had that time last year, and it hit me like a sack of iron bricks to the jaw. Can you get iron bricks? Ingots surely? Who the heck knows, it’s almost midnight and I’m shattered.

This week hasn’t been the best. Self-inflicted, I ended up ingesting a media I knew would be risky if I was fragile, and lo and behold, guess what happened. No point beating myself up for it, but I do like that HOF is still ticking along quite smooth, in spite of that initial setback right at the start of a new project. Granted, I still think I am going to reach the end of, and later reflect on writing this trilogy in a direct sequential order, and consider it an error. Now true, I had considered for a time making the trilogy one long 300,000~ word novel, which I think would have been far worse. It would have also messed up the 14 book structure which is needed for the hidden message in the title.

Oh have I never mentioned there’s a hidden message in the 14 book titles? Huh. I guess if you ever decide to become a bit less imaginary perhaps one of you might find that neat.